April 11, 2024

Beginning of the study of GOG and MAGOG – 207TH Interdenominational Weekly Bible Study For Church Leaders

By Damilola Adesina Omosebi

Sequel to the promise of the Facilitator Pastor Z A Ogunsanya the previous week to treat Ezek. 38 & 39 separately as it relates to our current dispensation, he could only introduce the teaching because of the mysteries that God was revealing through the teaching.

In the study were able to know that:

  • The trumpet is what we are waiting for now.
  • Immediately the church is removed, it means that chapter 3 of the book of Revelation have been completed.
  • From chapter 4 to 18 no mention of the church was made.
  • In chapter 19 mention was made about the church in heaven.
  • In chapter 20 the church was mentioned this time back in the world.

What we are going to study include the following:

Main scriptures about the two wars of Gog and Magog. Ezek. 38 & 39 and Rev. 16 and 19.

  • Location of these two wars.
  • Leaders of the two wars.
  • The beginning of the two wars.
  • The purpose of the two wars.
  • The people involved in these two wars.
  • The end of the two wars.
  • The conclusion to draw from the the two wars.

Because of the enormous revelations it contained, we were not able to exceed Ezek. 38 & 39 before the time expired.

Join us next week Monday at Bible Pattern church end of Adewale Adegun Avenue Karaole Estate Ifako Ijaiye Lagos Nigeria.

Presentation of certificates to qualified attendees will take place on 18th April, 2022.

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.