April 11, 2024

The Final Restoration Of Israel – 206TH Interdenominational Weekly Bible Study For Church Leaders

206TH Interdenominational Weekly Bible Study For Church Leaders

By Damilola Adesina Omosebi


That Israel will be finally restored after many years of troubles and dispersions is a clear prophecy of the Holy Bible. Isa. 1:24-27; 11:11-12; 27:12-13; 33:20; 4:2-4; 29:22; 60:10; 66:8; Eze. 20:40-41; Mal. 3:4; Dt. 50:3; Jer. 16:14-16; 23:3; Zeph. 3:20; 10:10.

  • Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible says about Isa. 66:8.( “Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once) The earth bringing forth in one day and the nation being born at once refer to the conversion by God of the remnant of Israel, the ones left in Palestine after the tribulation. Zech. 12:10; 13:1.
  • Jesus Himself said that Israel shall be gathered. Mt. 24:29-31.

We are looking at the final restoration of Israel under the following topics:

What the Bible says about Israel as elect of God. Mt. 24:29.

The elects referred to in the scripture here are not the church who have already been raptured but the Israelites.

* Mt. 24:1-14 only talked about the church.

* Mt. 24:15 ff was referring to only the nation of Israel.

• The ministry of the great tribulation preachers.

To prepare them for their final restoration, apart from allowing them to suffer during the tribulation period,  God will ordain special preachers who will minister to them during the great tribulation period.

Let us look at two things here:

  1. Who the preachers will be.

These tribulation preachers include the following:

  • The 144,000 Jews who will be specially sealed by God so that the plagues of the great tribulation will not affect them. Rev. 7: 1-8; 9:4.
  • The two prophets who will perform miracles during the period and will be killed by the antichrist. Rev. 11:1-13.
  • Special angelic preachers who will preach “everlasting gospel” at that time. Rev. 14:6-7;9-13.
  • What the Preachers Will Preach.
  • The reasons for their sufferings and divine abandonments – their rejection of their true Messiah. Jh. 1:11; 5:43.
  • The readiness of God to forgive them if they repent. Deut. 4:30-31.
  • The soon coming of their Messiah for the second time. Rev.1:7.
  • The danger in receiving the mark of the antichrist. Rev. 14:9-13 etc.

• The repentance of Israel

It is part God’s promises that if in the days of their troubles, they will repent, and seek the face of God, they would be pardoned and restored. Deut. 4:30-31.

The trouble of the great tribulation period and the preaching of the tribulation preachers Rev. 7:1-8; 11:1-13; 14: 6-7, 9-13 will help the children of Israel to remember the promise of God. Deut. 4:30-31.

Therefore, immediately Jesus appears in the sky with His hosts, they will call upon Him for mercy and forgiveness, and they will be saved, gathered from every part of the world and restored to their land and divine favour. Rev. 1:7; Zech. 12:8-14; 13: 1-2,8-9; Rm. 11:26,31; Mt. 24:21-31.

• The deliverance of Israel and their restoration.

What will happen then is that, Jesus will fight and defeat the antichrist, who by then would have made himself a very serious enemy of Israel, like Antiochus Epiphany of old, Adolf Hitler of old and other enemies of Israel. This is what is commonly called “the war of Armageddon”

Satanic preparation for war.

Satan, Antichrist and the false prophet will gather a great army at Armageddon to fight not just the people of Israel but the God of Israel as well: Rev.16:12-16.

The war between Jesus and the forces of Satan.

At this very time, the marriage feast of the lamb would have been completed in Heaven, and Jesus and His hosts ( comprising of angels and the raptured saints) will begin to descend from Heaven. Rev. 19:1-16. Then there will be a terrible war between the host of Satan on earth and that of Christ descending from Heaven. Rev.19:11-16; Isa. 66:16; Eze. 38:22; Joel. 3:12; Zech. 14:1- 9.

The defeat of the Satanic Army.

The antichrist and his army will be defeated. He will be arrested along with the false prophet and thrown into hell fire, while their soldiers will be killed by the sword of the mouth of Jesus Christ. Rev. 19:17-21.

The repentance and mourning of Israel.

As this will be happening Israel will realize that the one they nailed to the cross was actually their long awaited Messiah. This will make them weep and mourn. Zech. 12:1-14.

Next week is going to be full teaching on the war of Gog and Magog.

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