July 16, 2024

The Enemies Don’t Have To Prevail Against Us. Mt. 16:18.

If you are a child of God these forces of darkness may come and attack you anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

But what the word of God says is that they shall not prevail against you. Mt.16:18.

Their efforts over you will surely be in vain so long as you remain a child of God.

They don’t have to prevail against you and you don’t have to fail!

No one ever serve God in the past and not have an encounter with these evil forces Eph. 6:10-12; 2Cor.10:4.

And yet most of them lived a very victorious life. Why shouldn’t we also?

God knows every plan, programme, power and preparation of these forces and that is why He promised those who served Him in the past and those of us serving Him today that these enemies will not prevail against us. Deut. 7:24; 11:25; 28:7; Jos. 1:5; 21:44; 23:9; Mt. 16:18.

Is He qualified to say that?

Is He not their creator?

Do they have a secret He does not know?

Don’t we have enough reasons: to believe what God says that Satan and his angels will not prevail against us?

Now that they will not prevail against us, what does it mean?

• That they will not prevail against us,

Does it mean:

~ They will not attempt to fight us?

~ They will not have a temporary “victory”?

~ They will not prevail against anyone in the world Ps.91:7,8?

But it means that:

• All their efforts over our lives will be in vain. Isa. 41:10-13.

• They will not be able to stand before us. Jos.1:5.

• Even though they conquer others, they will not be able to conquer us. Jos.1:9.

• We will always overcome them. Lk. 10:19.

• These evil forces will not prevail against us because:

✓ God has promised to protect us. 2 Chr.16:9; Ps.34:7; 91:4; 125:2; Zech. 2:5; Lk.21:18.

*** His promises are absolutely reliable!

✓ God has always been faithful in keeping His own in the past. Gen.35:5; Ex.14:20; 1Kgs. 6:17; Ezra. 8:31; Dan. 6:22; Rev.7:3.

✓ Our God is a God of battle and no enemy will be able to stand before Him. Ex. 14:14; 23:27; 2 Chro.20:29.
Was Pharaoh and his host able to stand before Him?

✓ The promise of God is that they will not prevail against us Lk.10:19.

*** Heaven and earth may pass away but the word of God will not go unfulfilled Mt. 24:35.

✓ God has given us power to overcome them Lk.10:19.

*** That power is in you too; make a trial of it, and you will see that it is more than effective.

This is the promise of God for His people.

And this is one of the reasons why nothing by any means should separate you from Jesus. 1 Pt. 3:13.

God has not promised us failure!

We don’t have to fail!

We have to prevail!

And we shall continue to prevail in Jesus name!

Pastor Z A Ogunsanya